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Jimbo Fisher Insists On Torturing His Team This Week

Streeter Lecka

Florida State isn't hiding from what happened against NC State last year, that is for sure. Jimbo Fisher put a photo of the Wolfpack's game-winning score on the Seminoles' "game-installation pamphlet" ("Do you have anything light?") , forcing his players to relive that moment numerous times leading up to the game. Fisher doesn't think this is a bad idea, and for that matter, I don't either.

"Feel that pain," Fisher said. "You want that pain again? Don't prepare. You want to eliminate that pain? Prepare and take care of business.

"I don't think any of those things hurt [focusing on the game], I really don't."

It is completely unnecessary, mind you, but it isn't a bad idea. Feel that pain, he says, and the ache from the phantom limb of a national title returns just like that. Yes, you feel that pain, and you psyche yourselves right the heck out of this game! Either that or come out supremely focused and take care of business. I would recommend the former simply as a change of pace, because this has been a pretty boring string of blowout wins so far, Florida State.