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Shadrach Thornton Does Not Know What You Are Asking Him

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Hang on, everybody, we may yet have some hope of sparking this fire over the next few days. Shadrach Thornton was asked (I'll get to this in a second) about the Eric Ebron comments, and he had this to say:

When asked about the recent comments made by UNC tight end Eric Ebron — who said, "ain't nobody worried about NC State, ain't nobody care about NC State," last Saturday — Thornton paused for a few seconds before he asked, "Who is Ebron?"

Bam! /finger guns

Actually, Shadrach may have been completely disoriented by the question that led to that response, so he may not even have known what language he was speaking. I'm not sure we can really take anything from this, unfortunately. The rivalry shall remain dead until such time as someone tags-in TOB at a press conference or practice or luncheon or whathaveyou.

This is the question he was asked:

This is simultaneously the worst and best question anyone has ever put together. Shad responded with "can you please repeat that?" in his mind but he was so whamboozled by that mess of words that he blurted out "who is Ebron?" purely as a defense mechanism. I would like to give Shadrach Thornton a Wolfpack Unlimited award simply for responding to that question not only with words in an order that make sense, but words that might even be loosely construed as a shot at Ebron. Couldn't have been an easy task.