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Brandon Mitchell Is Back Throwing; He Also Discovered An Incredible NCAA '14 Glitch

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Good news, everyone! Brandon Mitchell is back throwing the football, as you can see in Instagram video form right here:

And he looks fine. That doesn't mean he'll start against Syracuse, necessarily, but it's a good early indicator. Also, I should point out that Mitchell is cultivating an outstanding beard in the finest tradition of Richard Howell. That is some really solid work right there.

More important than any of this is the video I discovered on Mitchell's Instagram account, where he happens upon a brand new form of NC State Shenanigans, courtesy NCAA '14.

And it happened against UNC! This strikes me as a horrible, horrible omen, and it languished in obscurity for so long that it singlehandedly compelled me to register an Instagram account.

That's video evidence of why they say you shouldn't snap it to UNC's center. That guy is a tough matchup for anybody in a surprise illegal run play situation.