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New Midfield Logo: Turns Out It's A Great Idea

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Jeff Gammons

Sure, the new midfield logo might be a hair on the derivative side. Sure, it may encourage victorious visiting teams to dance a jig at midfield. Of course there are gonna be drawbacks to this thing. But if NC State managed to just win out at home, it would go from sorrow's permanent shelter to a hip chill-zone known as The Winkerguns, where the only cover charge is winking while simultaneously shooting off some finger guns.

But no matter what happens, look at all the jokes we can make now!

"North Carolina loses contain, and oh no! OH NO. Brandon Mitchell has trampled a bourbon distillery in eastern Kentucky! And now he's on a rampage through West Virginia! The horror! The horror of it all! ... That will be a first down for NC State, five minutes left in the first quarter. We'll be back after these messages."