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NC State Opens As Heavy Underdog To Boston College

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Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

If you were wondering how much pain to expect his week, I have good news--you can expect slightly less pain! Boston College opened as a 7.5-point favorite over NC State, which is several points fewer than the opening line for Duke-State.

It's brave of Vegas to even attempt to hazard a guess at a line for this game. NC State's issues aside, Boston College has been erratic ... not quite on a Virginia Tech level, but not far off. BC is the only team to put a scare into Florida State this year, and the Eagles only lost by 10 at Clemson. They also got blown the hell out by UNC and needed a big fourth quarter to top New Mexico State, which has zero wins against FBS teams.

NMSU almost lost to Abilene Christian--a D-II team transitioning to FCS--the week prior. I bring this up only so that I can post this highlight of the ending of that game, which was nearly the exclamation point for a couple of the most bizarre minutes this season has seen.