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NC State Injury Report: Brandon Mitchell Questionable For BC Game

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Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Mitchell has an undisclosed injury that doesn't sound serious, but he is officially questionable for NC State's game against Boston College on Saturday. Bra'Lon Cherry is also questionable, while A.J. Ferguson has been ruled out.

The team account added that Mitchell had been expected to practice on Monday, so yeah, I don't think Dave Doeren was pulling any shenanigans with this. It stinks that Mitchell is hurt again, but based on what we've seen over the last month, it doesn't appear we'd miss much with his absence, unfortunately.

Pete Thomas is the better choice to attack Boston College's vulnerable secondary, anyhow, and what we might lose with Mitchell's versatility could be accounted for by a better day through the air. At least, that's the looking-on-the-bright-side angle!

On another note, with Cherry questionable, might Rashard Smith finally step into a more permanent role as the kickoff returner? We need some juice wherever we can get it at this point.