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NC State Loses To Boston College, 38-21

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Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

It wasn't that long ago that Montel Harris was running all over a clueless NC State defense in Chestnut Hill, and today State had to endure the exact same thing, this time courtesy of Andre Williams, who went for almost 340 yards. Chase Rettig threw the ball 15 times for 53 yards and it didn't matter in the least.


So that's it. Our last-gasp hopes for bowl eligibility have been dashed, and this is officially a losing season. Here we are. I feel cold. And slightly stabby. But mostly cold.

The Wolfpack is on a six-game losing streak and it probably will end up being an eight-game streak--there is no reason to believe that this team will be able to avoid it. State got a garbage time TD against BC to set a season-high of 21 points scored in an ACC game, and that says everything.

Damn this is painful. You go through a season like 2006 and then you move on and you forget just how painful a long losing streak can be until it happens again.

Still, we did have this moment.