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Brandon Mitchell's Return Still Up In The Air

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Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Mitchell is on the depth chart that NC State released on Monday, but his status for the East Carolina game remains undetermined. The ankle injury he suffered against Duke could end up preventing him from playing for another week; we should know more after practice Tuesday. Dave Doeren spoke about it during his Monday presser:

"I know he wants to play, but we have to make sure he can move around the way he's capable," Doeren clarified. "We'll find out that a lot more [Tuesday]. If he can't go, it will be what it's been. We'll see where it goes. I know Brandon really wants to play, and hopefully the doctor says he can."

"It will be what it's been," he lamented, a distant look in his eyes. After a long pause, he began to laugh hysterically and wilted toward the floor.

"I don't know where I am anymore," he added, brushing aside tears.