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NC State Drops Second Straight To UNC, 27-19

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Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Nineteen. Hey, man, that's a record, at least as far as this season goes. NC State hadn't scored more than 17 points against a conference foe all year, but the Wolfpack ended up crashing through that threshold thanks in part to Bryn Renner, who got the game started by torturing all of us into belief.

It would be the same old mess of terrible after the 10-0 start, but we had that 10-0 start, and they'll never take that away from us.

Brandon Mitchell could use some help, that's for sure. He's no solution, not for this season. Maybe the GUY PLAYED WIDE RECEIVER AT ARKANSAS LAST YEAR alarm bells never really sunk in. More likely I decided to ignore them because Pete Thomas was horrible. But we pretty much know what we've got now, and there ain't much left to expect but pain.

It might be a smidge on the rough side for a while, you guys.