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Brandon Mitchell To Start This Week; Six 2014 Recruits Will Enroll Early

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Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Mitchell is back after missing the Boston College game just in the nick of time to salvage whatever is salvageable at this point in his career and NC State's season. It would be nice to win a game before the year is over just for the sake of the fan base's sanity.

Just give me somethin', guys! We can win 6-3 for all I care. Just gimme gimme gimme I need I need.

I'm not sure if Mitchell's return will usher back in the rotating quarterback strategy, though it sounds based on Dave Doeren's remarks from last week that it will not. But who the heck knows anymore. Let's just throw some bombs and stuff. Oh, and let Rashard Smith throw a couple. Can't forget that.

In other news, six members of NC State's 2014 recruiting class signed their LOIs this week and will enroll in January, so that's a quarter of the class we don't have to worry about flipping on us before national signing day in February. The six:

The players who will be arriving in January to start their college careers are: three-star offensive linemen Terronne Prescod, the nation's No. 24 offensive guard; three-star wide out Bo Hines, the nation's No. 85 receiver; three-star safety Kalen McCain, North Carolina's No. 28 senior; three-star offensive guard Tony Adams, the No. 31 prospect in North Carolina; defensive tackle B.J. Hill, the No. 33 player in North Carolina; and two-star receiver Stephen Louis, who nabbed offers from the likes of Arkansas, Auburn and Penn State before signing.

I was worried about Prescod, and we kinda really need him considering the current OL situation, so that's a relief.