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NC State Loses Again, This Time To Unheralded Directional School

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You have got to be cruddin' the crud out of me, pal.
You have got to be cruddin' the crud out of me, pal.
James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Heyyyyy ... how about that thing that happened. I could try to be upset about losing to East Carolina, but there are so many insults from this season piled up that this one is just gonna have to take a number and wait its turn. I should be able to get around to it some time in the spring, but I make no promises.

East Carolina did pretty much exactly what we all figured it would. The Pirates didn't have any trouble moving the football all afternoon, and after giving up a first-quarter score, their defense helped NC State's offense return to hibernation. The Wolfpack added some yardage and some scores late to make things look a bit more respectable, but by that point, the game was very much over.

ECU averaged 6.3 yards per play in the contest, compared to 5.3 for the Pack, though the total yards ended up roughly even thanks to State's stat-padding in the final minutes. Those numbers don't tell the full story, and neither does 42-28; 42-14, ECU's largest lead, drives it home pretty well, however.

I suppose if there's good news, it's that there's only one more game left to endure in this miserable season. One more slice of indignity that I won't be bothered with.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!