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Maryland Opens As Three-Point Favorite Over NC State

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James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, this is progress, right? Maryland's injury-depleted team opened as a mere field goal favorite over NC State, so if you take out the home field advantage factor, carry the one, then divide by pi, what you get is a football game. State hasn't seen a line this encouraging since it was favored to beat Syracuse back in mid-October.

Maryland has had injuries scattered all over the place, which is no doubt a contributing factor to the notion that NC State might be capable of sticking to within a field goal or thereabouts. C.J. Brown has had to miss time; Stefon Diggs and Deon Long went down in October; some key defensive contributors got hurt.

Diggs and Long are still 1-2 on the team in receiving yardage despite not playing since Oct. 19.

The Terps didn't have linebacker Cole Farrand against BC last week, and if there is a bright spot for them, it's that he might be able to play this week. Farrand is second on the team with 75 tackles.