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NC State Opens As Two-Score Dog Against Duke

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Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

A year of transition that's gone slightly worse than expected, and here we are, two-score underdogs to Duke in football, which is not something I'd have expected to see ever. All due credit to David Cutcliffe for making something of that program when it seemed an impossible task. The Blue Devils are bowl eligible with another month left in the season, and we're just praying we get there. It's a strange world.

If State's going to make a late push for the postseason, it's going to have to start in Durham, but if I'm gonna be honest, bowl eligibility seems a wee bit outside the realm of realistic expectations. NC State just needs to put an end to its losing streak, whether that's this week or the next or, jeez, the last week of the season. Continue developing young players for next season and beyond, avoid carrying a deeply demoralizing losing streak into the offseason.

And don't get embarrassed by freaking Duke in freaking football. What a world, what a world.