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NC State Falls To Duke, 38-20: That Phrase Does Not Sufficiently Describe My Sadness

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Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports


You know the feeling of complete, what is it? Apathy is not the word. It's not that. Resignation. There we go. That's it. That's one word, anyway. I mean, it might be pretty much the same thing, but it feels more fitting. I didn't expect NC State to win today; I don't expect NC State to win on any Saturday considering how ineffective the offense is. I still figured we'd have at least one conference win by now, even it were only by pure luck. But there is no luck, only sadness.

State actually out-gained Duke by about 90 yards, but the team's inefficient play offensively, combined with some mistakes on special teams and some horrible plays in desperation mode ultimately made it an easy win for Duke.

State's horrific touchdown conversion rate in the red zone is well documented at this point, and it was very much on display against the Blue Devils -- the Wolfpack twice settled for field goals inside the Duke 20. The team also botched potential scoring opportunities in opponent territory on several other occasions, mercifully sparing us from more red zone field goal attempts.

For periods of five or six plays, the Pack looked good. State was moving Duke of the line of scrimmage consistently, which opened up the running game. The bottom line, though, is that State couldn't get out of its own way. Whether it was bad play calling, penalties, or poor execution, the Wolfpack just couldn't finish drives. State did hit 20 points in a conference game for the first time all year, though. So we got that goin' for us.