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Shadrach Thornton Under Investigation For Sexual Battery, Also Faces Marijuana Possession Charges

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Shadrach Thornton is a suspect in a sexual battery case, as WTVD first reported this afternoon. The alleged battery was reported to campus police on Monday, and when detectives went to his College Inn apartment Wednesday, they found marijuana. Thornton has not been charged with anything in the sexual battery investigation, but he was cited for simple marijuana possession and simple marijuana paraphernalia possession, as was roommate J.J. Jones.

Juston Burris and Marchez Coates also live in the apartment--it was Coates who answered the door--but they weren't charged with anything. Coates took to Twitter to defend himself once the news broke:

Here's what the police seized, via WRAL:

According to the warrant, seized items include: two marijuana cigarettes, marijuana stems and a grinder in the common area; three marijuana cigarettes and .3 grams of marijuana in Thornton's bedroom; and a pill bottle containing five 500mg Naproxen (a prescription pain reliever and anti-inflammatory medication) in Jones' bedroom, although the prescription was not in his name.

This is the second incident in six months for Thornton, and it seems almost certain that it will spell the end of his career at NC State. When Dave Doeren discussed Thornton's June arrest on assault charges earlier this year, it sounded like the running back had to do quite a bit to earn his way back, and he also served a one-game suspension.

Thornton accepted a plea deal and deferred prosecution in the assault case, under the conditions that he keep out of trouble and attend counseling. With so much potential added legal trouble hanging over his head, I just can't see any way that he stays on the team.