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NC State Narrowly Avoids Bowl Bid

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

That was a close one, folks, but it seems the good people running America's bowl games determined, and rightfully so, that 70 schools compiled a resume worse than NC State's this season, thereby saving the Wolfpack a trip to some godforsaken hellhole like Miami, Honolulu, or Las Vegas. Next year we'll have to really keep our fingers crossed that we don't wind up in that new Bahamas bowl.

I will now spend the next two weeks trying to talk myself into believing the words I just typed in that paragraph. Somewhere there's gotta be a guy who feels similarly, though, I have to think. He's probably a New Mexico State fan. Get me that guy's number so he can help me get my mind right.

Anyway, here is the bowl lineup, which includes a few BCS games that could be a lot of fun, and a couple of potential blowouts. Good luck with that whole Alabama thing, Bob Stoops.