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NC State Quarterbacks Are LA LA LA I'm Not Listening


Jacoby Brissett is the focal point of this recent article from CBS Sports, but what's more interesting than his rather salty comments about Florida starting quarterback Jeff Driskel...

A competitive quarterback thinks he's the right man for any job, and Brissett was no different while at Florida.

"Just my competitiveness, I don't think it was matched with that other guy," Brissett said. "The willingness to put in that extra work to win." the subtext. Dave Doeren refers to 2013 as "life without Jacoby," which doesn't inspire much confidence in Pete Thomas or Manny Stocker. This is not exactly breaking news--the fact that NC State was going after a graduate transfer from Oklahoma says enough by itself.

I am surprised by the tone of this entire spring, though. I expected more positive indications about Thomas, who was a multi-year starter at Colorado State and posted decent numbers despite a terrible supporting cast. Then again, he didn't sign up for this offense. He's a prototypical TOB/Bible quarterback, but he's not the Doeren ideal, and that may be a significant factor. The article implies that there is no doubt Brissett will be the starter once he's eligible. That's another data point for 2013 = scary = way not baller.

As with anything this time of year, the news is a little good and a little bad. We know Brissett is talented, if unproven. The coaching staff seems excited about him. The coaching staff also tried to replace the quarterbacks it has on hand for 2013 with a guy who rarely played at OU. Hold on to your butts.