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NC State Football To Host Georgia Southern In 2014?

Scott Cunningham

According to Georgia Southern's athletics director, his school is close to an agreement to play at Carter-Finley Stadium in 2014. The Eagles are making the transition from FCS to FBS and will be in the Sun Belt by the time this game is played, assuming an agreement is made. (via @SandlapperSpike)

Add that to the news athletics director Tom Kleinlein broke Thursday night in Springfield - GSU is on the brink of signing non-conference games with North Carolina State, Navy and Georgia Tech for the 2014 season - and suddenly Eagle football hardly seems like the program that once brought a milk jug filled with Eagle Creek water to playoff games.

So this would count as an FBS game for NC State. The Eagles have one more year at the FCS level and are slated to become full Sun Belt members prior to the 2014 season. (App State, as you might have heard, is also making this move.) The Eagles will be eligible for a conference title that year but won't be bowl eligible until 2015 because of an NCAA rule. I only bring that up to note that it doesn't make much sense and the NCAA is dumb and terrible.

Georgia Southern has historically been an outstanding program at the FCS level, and it is coming off three consecutive semifinal playoff appearances. Of course, there's no telling whether or not they'll be able to translate any of their success to the meat grinder that is the FBS, but they do run the dreaded triple option. That's always scary. Why do teams have to do that.