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Brandon Mitchell Plays All Sports

He'd always wanted to stage dive.
He'd always wanted to stage dive.
Wesley Hitt

NC State added Brandon Mitchell to the quarterback mix on Monday, giving the Pack a much-needed option beyond Pete Thomas and Manny Stocker, who apparently have done everything to not convince the coaching staff that they are capable of running the new offense.

It seems a fair bet that Mitchell will end up winning the job because he will no doubt unlock his inner Heisman Trophy talents now that he has made the move to Raleigh. Yeah let's go with that. But given that we know he caught 17 passes last year, he provides some extra depth in that area as well--if nobody is open, he can just throw the ball to himself for a first down. There's no stopping that.

He also played basketball at Arkansas. Maybe he can help out Mark Gottfried next spring. Basically there's no limit to what and where Brandon Mitchell can help NC State. I bet he's a good pitcher too. He will end up playing 13 varsity sports before leaving.