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Quincy McKinney No Longer with the Program

N.C. State tackle Quincy McKinney is no longer listed on the team's official roster. McKinney, a sophomore, was the heir apparent to Rob Crisp at left tackle, where McKinney was listed as second string on the depth chart.

The 6-3, 309-pound product of Carver High in Columbus, GA, was a three-star recruit out of high school and a top 50 tackle prospect nationally according to Scout. Unlike the recent departure of graduate transfer Anthony Talbert, who wanted more playing time for his senior season, McKinney's leaving does not appear to be motivated by playing time. Moving on for more playing time does not make sense because he likely would have been a starter just as soon with the Pack as any other FBS squad since he would have to sit out a year as a transfer.

He disappeared from the roster shortly after spring grades would have become known to the coaching staff; unfortunately, grades are likely the culprit for his disappearance from the team.

McKinney's loss is a big one from a depth standpoint, as the Pack lost four seniors that had starting experience from last year's offensive line and now have one less option that they were counting on going forward.