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See, We Can Be Reasonable

Streeter Lecka

The Wolfpack Club coaches caravan rolled through Winston-Salem last week, and while Dave Doeren didn't say anything particularly noteworthy--at least nothing that made this article--I did find comments from some of the fans in attendance to be refreshing. This Robin Johnson gentleman seems like a smart dude:

"I'm not delusional when it comes to national championships," Johnson said. "You finish in the top 25 every year, maybe get into that new playoff system every so often. But a top-25 finish, and I'm happy. And not even now, but in four or five years. It takes that long to bring your kids in and establish a program. And I think we'll have a lot of fun while it's happening."

Not delusional! Alert the press!

As a general set of expectations, I'd say that's spot on. Competing for national championships on a regular basis is simply not gonna happen unless Doeren and company set the recruiting trail on fire to a completely unprecedented degree, but the odds of that are exceedingly low. (Though if they do accomplish that feat, we're gonna need a bigger red light.) But we can definitely establish a top 25 program with the resources and facilities we have, maybe win a division title here and there, and at least make the Orange Bowl a possibility on occasion. That's not unreasonable.

Right now we got a whole lot of catching up to do just within the Atlantic Division--and Louisville is on the way.