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Yow Reworking 2014 Football Schedule


The Wolfpacker caught up with Debbie Yow this week for a lengthy interview that touches on a bunch of different subjects. Parts one and three are free, while part two is behind the paywall. Here's a schedule tidbit from part three that's interesting:

What I have been working on most recently is in 2014. Our schedule is only five home games, and that's a formula for disaster financially. That has not been very fun to try to fix. We are working on that, but we don't have a lot of choices. We've been working on it for a while actually, but in football scheduling things are scheduled so far in advance.

We are trying to turn that into seven home games and five road games and do the best we can.

Yow had anticipated a nine-game league schedule--that change was originally approved before being shot down in a re-vote last October (I'm guessing the addition of Notre Dame as a de facto half-member in football had something to do with the reversal). That recent development is apparently what we have to thank for Louisiana Tech's presence on the 2013 schedule. It also partially explains the recent additions of Georgia Southern and Old Dominion to the 2014 schedule; both of those will be home games for us. Those two teams are moving up to the FBS--Southern to the Sun Belt and ODU to Conference USA.

If we're going to get the 7-5 distribution Yow wants, a road game is gonna have to go. Sorry, Central Michigan. (Probably.)