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ACC Releases Football Schedule Through 2024

Streeter Lecka

With 14 teams in the league going forward, each ACC team plays its six division foes, plus one permanent partner from the other division and one rotating opponent from the other division. The details, and the schedule through 2024, are right here.

NC State's permanent partner is UNC, naturally, so this game is now officially guaranteed to be played every year well into the foreseeable future. The Wolfpack's other inter-division foe in 2013 is Duke, with Georgia Tech on deck in 2014, followed by Virginia Tech and Miami. No cakewalk there. Fans will not have the opportunity (if you want to call it that) to road trip it to Pittsburgh until 2017. By then Dave Doeren will no doubt have established an elite program painstakingly constructed on the foundation of generous amounts of exclamation points and red lights. And as for road trips to the other new members: State will play at Syracuse in 2014 and at Louisville in either 2014 or 2015.

With Maryland out the door and a couple of newbies in the Atlantic, we may be operating at a hate deficit for some time. My fear is that we will in fact be too kind, for we know nothing of these people or their customs, strange as they may be. This pleasantry-filled hellscape will be tough to bear at first, but this is our new reality and we must cope as well as we can.