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ACC Football Kickoff Day One: Dontae Johnson, Rashard Smith meet the media


With one day of the ACC Football Kickoff complete, we've learned that in fact no one is afraid of Jadeveon Clowney, that the ACC is stronger than ever, and that everyone's goal is to win an ACC title and also everybody's in the best shape of their lives.

-- Rashard Smith and Dontae Johnson meet the media: audio and video. Rashard spoke for a bit about the attributes of his video game likeness and also weighed in on the whole compensation-for-being-in-the-game thing. (He doesn't care about the latter.)

-- Depth chart from the media guide:

(Click through to embiggen.)

-- Syracuse's Macky MacPherson was asked about some of the differences he'd noticed in the south:

"Oh, you know, holding the door open and some lady calls you ‘Sweetie,’ that’s not something you get up north, you know what I’m saying?" MacPherson said. "Sweet tea, also. I like my tea unsweet."

No no no no no no no. Boeheim's shots at Greensboro were hurtful yet also understandable but this business about the tea is reprehensible and damned near jailable in its offensiveness. It's not possible for a human being to legitimately feel this way about tea. It just isn't. Most certainly this isn't said out loud. Heavens to Betsy.

On a related note, I've changed my mind about conference expansion.

-- Rashard Smith says Dave Doeren set up a "leadership council" with players from each position:

"We come together, we meet about certain things; from how hard we are going in the weight room to what kind of food we like for breakfast," Smith said. "We talk about everything. Being a senior on the leadership council, we are trying to bring other players along so we can come together as one team."

"We need more sweet tea in the cafeteria, coach," is a statement often heard at these gatherings.

-- The ACC had a photo booth set up for things and, well, this happened: