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Minor Changes Coming To Football Uniforms

So. Plain.
So. Plain.
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

I've felt for years that our football uniforms are too plain, and while the addition of red helmets and those black-pink monstrosities at least served as a welcome change of pace, I'd like to see something more drastic done. But that doesn't appear to be something that's going to happen.

People at Wolfpack Club Caravans have been in Dave Doeren's ear about the unis and these no-fun lamers are out to put an end to anything black-themed. I am disappoint.

"Our fans want to see red and white," Doeren said. "They don't want to see black jerseys and matted helmets. They want to see red and white. Our fans are very traditional and very proud of the school colors."

Ultimately it doesn't matter what any of us think. It's about what the players and recruits think. And they like black.

I am not against a full-on Maryland-style makeover. Give me all the damn crazy you got, adidas. Matte! Chrome! Chrome-matte!

Anyway, as for what we can actually expect, here are some insights from a guy who would know:

It's a start I suppose.