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Dave Doeren Fits, But His Stance On Barbecue Remains Uncertain

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Dave Doeren does at first glance appear to fit in well in the south. All of his descriptions of hobbies are rooted in a foundation of consonance, which is a southern staple**.

“I’m a Midwestern guy who believes in football and family and fun and fishing,” he said, smiling. “I think that fits in pretty good in North Carolina. I may not have the same twang in my voice, but I believe in the same things.”

(**Unverified claim.)

But let's hold on just a second there, Mr. Pat Me On The Back. I don't see word one about barbecue here. In fact we do not yet have a definitive answer regarding your usage of the word barbecue. Do you have barbecues? Are you firing up the barbecue? It's difficult to believe that this issue never came up at the ACC Football Kickoff, but that's the local media for you--if it ain't about which rules Carolina is breaking and how often those rules are being broken and how the football program is the Babe Ruth of parking citations, then it's just not a story.