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Cheek Officially Moved to Fullback

Pack Pride ran this bit today about the leadership council, a Dave Doeren invention that is basically a list of team captains multiplied by every other person on the team. The council members, who are chosen by position and charged with lodging Festivus-esque airing of grievances to the coaching staff, are selected by their teammates. It is definitely an honor to be selected, and it is especially impressive when a linebacker is selected as a fullback.

Ryan Cheek, a redshirt senior linebacker who has been a special teamer and second stringer for the past three seasons, volunteered to switch to FB after Logan Winkles went down with a season-ending injury. I recall Doeren bragging about Cheeks' selflessness to offer to make a position switch in his senior season, but I did not realize the coach took him up on the offer until I saw the article on the council.

The team's official roster confirms the move:


I hope Cheek has great success at the position, but I also kind of hope the fullback is not a huge component of Matt Canada's offense, as Cheek and walk-on Tyler Purvis would appear to be the only available options at the spot.