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Don't Hold Your Breath on Winner of QB Battle

Team spokeswoman Annabelle Myers offered up a juicy tidbit in an email on media policy sent out en masse today: coach Dave Doeren will not name the starting quarterback, at least publicly, until the day of the season opener with Louisiana Tech.

Given the different styles of Brandon Mitchell (dual threat) and Pete Thomas (traditional pocket passer), it makes strategic sense for Doeren to keep his cards close to the vest. It's very possible that Doeren knows right now, and it is also very possible that the long-term starter won't be settled even after the season opener. And it is possible that he may rotate quarterbacks in an effort to take advantage of both of their respective strengths.

However, there are few historical examples of a two-QB system working, so as long as there is a QB controversy, there's a QB problem.

The good news is that Quintin Payton appears in the photos accompanying the story (linked above). Yesterday Doeren said QP had been out all fall camp, but photographic evidence reveals that this is clearly not the case. This Doeren guy is apparently just building an elaborate smokescreen to confuse Skip Holtz and La. Tech. (We all know the team will have a 12-man offense with 5 QBs, but Skip doesn't need to know until after the new offense hangs 60 points on him. In the first quarter.)