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Shadrach Thornton Accepts Plea Deal; Assault Charges Could Be Dismissed Next August


Shadrach Thornton accepted a plea deal in court Thursday, and as long as he keeps himself out of any additional trouble and continues to attend counseling, the charges will be dropped this time next year. Thornton was in court along with his girlfriend.

Thornton did not address reporters afterward though his attorney said that both Thornton and his girlfriend "are upset they ever put themselves in this position." Yeah, no kiddin'. Anyway, let's hope this is the end of Shad's legal issues at NC State and we can all get back to touchdowns and #education and planking on top of various campus landmarks (with the exception of the Murphy Center fountain, of course!).

I recommend this WTVD story on the court date because it begins with Thornton being called a basketball player and just kinda ... goes from there. The shot of the reporters chasing him into an elevator is delightfully awkward. Great work here, news team!