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Is This A Hype Video Or What?

The "1Pack1Goal declaration" is that thing you see above, which slowly builds to nothing as Dave Doeren drops some monotone narration on us. I don't know if this is supposed to make me excited or not, so I am going to need a ruling. Are you feeling any additional levels of hype or other forms of excitement after watching this video? Do you have a sudden interest in starting a poetry club at the library? I think I'm somewhere in between those two positions.

No actual football is played at any point in the video, though we do see shots of a player gearing up, which is one sign of a typical hype video. But all he does is stand around doing the wolf sign, which is not really hype at all. They got the practice field in there, downtown Raleigh and the shimmer wall, plus the obligatory shot of the bell tower. Oh, and the 1Pack1Goal boulder, the official motivational rock of NC State football.

So there are elements of a hype video, but with no big hits and whatnot accompanied by power chords and thunderstriking, I'm not really feeling it. This left me only three percent more ready for football season. It's the potato cube of promotional videos.