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Skip Holtz Issues Wildcat Warning

Bob Levey

Skip Holtz spoke at length with media members on Monday about his team and mentioned on multiple occasions that the Bulldogs have been forced to prepare for two quarterbacks with different styles. He's overstating the problem, but it is an extra headache to some degree.

He isn't letting Dave Doeren have all the fun, though. Louisiana Tech is going to run some wildcat, forcing NC State to prepare for a second "quarterback" as well.

Well, we are going to put Tevin King at quarterback in our wildcat. Now they have two quarterbacks to prepare for. I think the difference about Scotty (Young) is we are dealing with one quarterback where if you know the quarterback's capabilities are - strengths and weaknesses - then you have a little bit better idea of how to prepare for it. The challenge we have is not knowing which style of quarterback we are going to play against. That is why I threw out that little tidbit about Tevin King being our wildcat quarterback. Now they have to prepare for two.

I'm not an expert on these things but maybe instead of informing America of the situation he should have just not said anything. Then again, a wildcat featuring King, who averaged 8+ yards per carry in limited action last season, as well as Kenneth Dixon, who ran for nearly 1,200 yards in 2012, is dangerous regardless of the prep time State gets.