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NC State Football In 2013: Place Your Bets


We still don't know who is going to start at quarterback, and we don't know how the interior of the offensive line is going to perform early on, especially since the guy listed as the starting center didn't even start for his junior college team.

That's why this is so much fun. All that uncertainty might lead to a huge disaster, or we might be pleasantly surprised by a group of essential yet unheralded players. We kinda knew what we had in store for us over the last half decade, but now? Who the shit knows. It's so liberating. The lack of depth we have at some positions is horrifying but I ain't even mad. Let's just crank up this random chaos generator otherwise known as a football team and see what happens.

How many games do you think this is going to win this year? Remember, [starting quarterback] could end up being the equivalent of Jay Davis or worse. Then again the pistol might take the league by storm. There's no telling. But you can tell everyone you totally saw the end result coming if you eventually hit the lottery below.