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Scotty Young's Predictably Unfortunate First Quarter


Scotty Young is a redshirt junior, yet he has never thrown a pass at the collegiate level, as Omega noted on Wednesday. That may lead to a whole lot of vanilla in the early going for the Bulldogs, which would play right into the hands of NC State or any team playing its first game of the season at home.

Whether that be establishing the run game or using quick throws to increase confidence, Louisiana Tech plans to give redshirt junior quarterback Scotty Young training wheels before he gets to ride the big kid bike.

I understand the sentiment but I also wonder whether or not this is an attitude a team should be bringing into a game in which it is a double-digit underdog. Are you here to win or avoid embarrassment? New quarterbacks serve as the eternal Great Excuse for conservative calls on a coaching staff's part, and no staff seems ever, ever willing to pass on that opportunity (no pun intended).

Everybody needs a little Harrison Beck. Have no fear, forget checkdowns; just go out there and throw to win.