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Brandon Mitchell Injury: NC State QB Needs Foot Surgery

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Mitchell didn't even survive one quarter as NC State's starting quarterback. He got rolled up in the early stages of the game, and while he walked off the field under his own power, the injury proved serious--he fractured a bone in his foot.

Mitchell will need surgery on the foot, according to CBS Sports, and it appears he's looking at a recovery time of four to six weeks. This matches what Mitchell's brother was saying on Twitter not long after the injury occurred, and Doeren confirmed as much after the game:

"Brandon had an injury to his foot and I know they'll go in tomorrow and fix it and hopefully we'll have him back sooner than later."

"Typically it was a four to six week deal and once they go in there kinda depends on the damage I guess. But he was walking pretty easy there after the injury so I don't know how severe it is."

The Central Michigan game is four weeks from now; Wake Forest is five weeks out, and Syracuse is six weeks away. Mitchell will miss the Clemson game, but NC State has a realistic shot of winning every other game it'll play without him. For now, it's your turn, Pete Thomas. He has plenty of starting experience, which is good; he is not the dynamic player around whom the staff structured the offense, which is bad.