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Pete Thomas Opens Camp With The Ones


NC State held its first practice of fall camp on Friday evening, and Pete Thomas was the guy getting the reps with the first-team offense, while Brandon Mitchell worked with the second string. Thomas has a big head start in terms of both experience on the field and experience at NC State, so there's not much to be surprised about here.

Mitchell spent last year primarily playing wide receiver and admitted that he's got a lot of rust to shake off.

"I need to be more mentally sharp," Mitchell said. "I knew where to go with the ball but my timing was off, so I need to anticipate better and get it out of my hands."

I really don't like the idea of a two-quarterback system but I'm starting to think that's an inevitability this year--at least to begin the season. Once we get into October, I'm hoping this whole thing will be sorted out. But as we've seen before, there's no guarantee of that.

A legitimate quarterback battle in camp still feels a bit foreign after the last five years. And really, setting aside the whole missed opportunity that was 2004-2007, we haven't had much to fret about in this particular area. Jamie Barnette and Philip Rivers back-to-back; Russell Wilson and Mike Glennon back-to-back. That ain't bad.