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NC State Football Uniforms Now With Stripes, More Black

Streeter Lecka

NC State has new football uniforms, and if you have NCAA '14, you've already seen them. (They look better in video game form, honestly.) The adidas logo looks a tad more prominent, and "NC STATE" replaces the mistake that was "STATE," which is very very welcome.

(A tip o' the cap to Will for getting a FanPost up on this earlier.)

The stripe on the white helmet is reminiscent of the diamond logo era; it's another degree of separation from Stanford, which isn't a bad move. The tweaks to the helmets are the best parts of the new look, in my opinion. The tops are still bland, and I'll never care for the font they're using.

So, all things considered, I'll file this under "step in the right direction," but I hope we can get a little weirder in the future. Especially since our primary in-state competitor for recruits--the name of the school escapes me at the moment--has a variety of color schemes and alternate helmets. We have nothing to gain by looking like Stanford or Penn State or whatever boring-looking team you want to insert here.