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Shadrach Thornton Facing Assault Charge Following June Arrest


NC State running back Shadrach Thornton was arrested in June and charged with assault on a female, which is a class A1 misdemeanor--the most serious variety. No details of the incident in question are available.

According to the Wake County courts database, Thornton has a court date set for August 22nd.


Shadrach Thornton has not been kicked off the football team; he is listed on the most recent two-deep, he is participating in camp, and he was at Meet The Pack Day on Sunday. He also was made available to the media, though Dave Doeren said Sunday night that Thornton was suspended as soon as the school learned of his arrest. This is, as far as I can tell, the first public acknowledgment of the incident by NC State.

Doeren added that Thornton "had to earn his way back into team activities." Doeren's full statement is available right here. Stay tuned.