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Shadrach Thornton Got Into Argument With Girlfriend At D.H. Hill, Per Police Report

Streeter Lecka

The News & Observer obtained some details of Shadrach Thornton's assault case, including the NC State Police report, which sheds some light on the whole thing. According to police, Thornton got into an argument with his girlfriend, who is also a student at NC State, and later grabbed her by the arm and shoved her against a wall. The altercation occurred at D.H. Hill Library and was witnessed by a school employee.

Thornton was arrested the day after the alleged incident; no visible signs of injury were found on his girlfriend, according to police.

He was taken into custody in early June, though news of this whole thing didn't become public until yesterday. Thornton was suspended immediately after the arrest, though it appears he has worked his way back into (relatively) good standing with the team since he is participating in fall camp. Thornton wasn't asked about the incident during Meet The Pack Day because it hadn't hit the news yet, but he did say this:

"The first thing [Dave Doeren] says is you represent NC State. Anytime you make a decision, everybody is weighing on that decision that you make so please, please, act and think like you are a part of the Pack."