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Rob Crisp Is In The Best Shape Of His Life

Streeter Lecka

Rob Crisp has the pedigree and the experience to be an outstanding offensive lineman, even if he hasn't lived up to the expectations that come with anybody labeled a five-star prospect out of high school. Part of the problem was injury--he says he was never 100% last year--but now he's not only healthy, he's a bit trimmer as well.

At 6-7 and 298 pounds, Crisp looks more like an NBA power forward than NFL left tackle. He has only [lost] seven pounds since the end of last season but he's noticeably slimmer.

"In order to run the style of offense, you have to be in pretty good shape," Crisp said.

Crisp is a welcome bit of stability for a team that is reshuffling its interior line, and we all hope that doesn't end up becoming a disaster. Of course if it did become a disaster, it wouldn't be a huge departure from the last few years of NC State offensive linemen lunging forward to no effect whatsoever, realizing as much, doing it over again, realizing as much, doing it over again, realizing as much, and still doing it over again. I have no idea what a competent ground game looks like, is what I'm saying.