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NC State Has America All Over Its Helmets


It's been a long time coming, but finally the football team is going to have some America on its hats. I kinda feel like we're trolling Tom O'Brien a little bit with this. You'd think we'd have gone with this concept while an ex-military member who was demonstrably fond of America-themed headgear was the head coach.

Looks pretty sharp. I can't knock this look or else I would be knocking America itself, metaphorically stomping on the graves of the founding fathers, and that simply will not do. Richmond, it's safe to say, does not stand a chance on Saturday.

The question this raises: are there more uniform surprises coming this season, or do we have to wait until next year for more significant changes? There are, somewhere deep within the Murphy Center, some all-pink uniforms that never saw the light of day. Those probably died with the TOB era, but I'm just throwin' that out there.