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Richmond Vs. NC State By The Numbers

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Box Score

Total Yds
76 444
5.8 4.8

(Yds/carry stats are calculated after removing sacks from the equation.)

Those stats don't imply that NC State needed a last-minute field goal to win, but that's why football is often torture delightful.

As Omega already pointed out, NC State's defensive adjustments were a significant part of this terrifying victory, which honestly still feels a little bit like it shouldn't have happened. If my maths are correct, State limited Richmond to about 2.4 yards per snap in the second half, thanks in large part to finally getting some pressure on the quarterback. The Pack's defense hadn't looked very disruptive until the final 30 minutes, but eventually those guys started to force Richmond into some mistakes.

Drive Started Drive Ended Consumed
Team Qtr Spot Time Obtained Spot Time How Lost Pl-Yds TOP RZ
RICHMOND 1st R25 15:00 Kickoff R42 12:51 Punt 4-17 2:09
RICHMOND 1st R19 11:38 Fumble R28 09:42 Punt 6-9 1:56
RICHMOND 1st R25 06:21 Kickoff S00 01:20 * TOUCHDOWN 11-75 5:01 #
RICHMOND 2nd R25 10:26 Kickoff S00 07:35 * TOUCHDOWN 8-75 2:51 #
RICHMOND 2nd R38 05:38 Punt S00 01:33 * TOUCHDOWN 7-62 4:05 #
RICHMOND 2nd R25 00:10 Kickoff R24 00:00 End of half 1--1 0:10
RICHMOND 3rd R44 12:52 Interception R40 11:08 Punt 3--4 1:44
RICHMOND 3rd R16 07:29 Punt R08 07:24 Fumble 1--8 0:05
RICHMOND 3rd R25 07:09 Kickoff R18 06:16 Fumble 3--7 0:53
RICHMOND 3rd R04 04:00 Fumble R47 13:29 Punt 11-43 5:31
RICHMOND 4th R21 09:57 Punt R25 05:09 Punt 7-4 4:48
RICHMOND 4th R12 03:04 Interception R29 01:59 Punt 4-17 1:05
RICHMOND 4th R25 00:33 Kickoff S37 00:00 End of half 5-38 0:33

There are bad starts to a quarter and then there's what happened to Richmond, which turned the ball over twice in its first three possessions and lost yardage in all three cases. While State came out sharp, another drive-killing turnover took the air out of the building and you could kinda sense a collective "oh crap this is really happening" sentiment pervading the stadium. Fortunately, it was not long before Richmond decided to fumble the ball away inside its own 10. That was the first critical error for the Spiders, and State turned it into six points a couple plays later.

We're gonna need this second-half defensive effort for a full game if we want a shot at upsetting Clemson next week. I would dismiss the possibility of that, but I witnessed the Florida State game last year and the blowout of Clemson the year prior, so hey, who knows.