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Set Your Faces To Stunned: NC State Opens As 13-Point Underdog To Clemson

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Vegas is expecting plenty of points on Thursday, but not a particularly close game. Clemson opened as a 13-point favorite, though that line is already up to Clemson -14 at a few places, and the over/under opened at 66.

So the sharps ain't giving State's defense much of a chance at limiting Clemson's offense, which comes as no surprise whatsoever. I mean, it's possible that that thing we saw happen in Raleigh two years ago--still indescribable to this day--could happen again, but far more likely is something resembling the defensive catastrophe from last year.

And let me say this, in all honesty, and I am so not at all trying to jinx anything here at all: the line should be like twice as large as it is. NC State will be fortunate to score one field goal, and Clemson will get 80 at minimum. I guarantee it. You can take that to the bank with your paycheck if you feel like it and you're bored or whatever.