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Brandon Mitchell Says He'll Be Back For The Syracuse Game

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Mitchell is expected to miss four-to-six weeks after fracturing a bone in his left foot Saturday, and according to the man himself, that timetable is accurate. Mitchell responded on Instagram Sunday to a question about his recovery and said he'll be ready to return for the Syracuse game. (Hat tip to commenter SunDropDrinker13 for the catch.)

The Syracuse game is set for Oct. 12. The situation can always change. He might prove to be a fast healer, and NC State scientists might come up with a robo foot in the meantime. (They have already come up with a robo foot, in all likelihood; it simply hasn't been made public yet.)

If Mitchell/his doctors are correct, though, NC State is looking at four games without him, at minimum. There also is little reason to assume he will immediately reclaim a starting role once he's healthy. I think Pete Thomas' development curve will be sharp, because the dude has a lot of starting experience already. What he hasn't had lately is snaps against real live football teams.