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GIFs: Clemson Offensive Lineman Hits Jarvis Byrd With An Uppercut

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

What did Jarvis Byrd do to offend the universe, exactly? This kid already has endured a pair of serious knee injuries, which cost him a significant chunk of his college career. He's finally healthy enough to play, he works his way into the starting lineup ... and he gets hit with yet more misfortune.

Well after Thursday's game was decided, Clemson offensive lineman Isaiah Battle clocked Byrd with an uppercut, sending him to the turf. Battle was immediately ejected from the game by the officials. Here are a couple of angles on the punch:





Byrd and Battle may have been exchanging a little salty language here, but this is not exactly a proportional response. Battle didn't look all that upset about it on the sideline after his ejection, either. I just hope Byrd is okay, because he's seen enough shit already. Way more shit than any one college football player ever should.