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Central Michigan Vs. NC State Highlights: Finally, Another Home Run For Bryan Underwood

It took a month, but Bryan Underwood finally (officially) scored a touchdown.

The day could have been bigger for Bryan Underwood and NC State's passing game, but Pete Thomas missed some throws that would have led to huge gains. Thomas' passing touchdown drought extended into the fourth quarter Saturday when he managed to hit an open Underwood in the hands.

You can just see CMU defensive back Brandon Greer turn his hips toward the sideline as he and Underwood slide out of the picture; Underwood made a little fake to the outside, took the inside leverage, and it was good night, son. But take heart, Brandon. You are far from alone, and there aren't a lot of DBs in college football who are gonna keep up with Underwood in that situation.

It felt like we could get 400 yards on the ground before we took the foot off the gas in the second half, and maybe 400 passing yards could have been had instead. Central Michigan is really bad, is what I'm saying.