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Dave Doeren Hopeful Tyson Chandler Can Play This Week

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Tyson Chandler wasn't available against Louisiana Tech, forcing some reshuffling on the coaching staff's part, and Dave Doeren made it clear enough Tuesday that he wants Joe Thuney playing inside rather than at tackle. Chandler's importance appears to be significant, in large part because of what it allows the staff to do with its interior positions. Doeren said NC State missed on some touchdowns because the guards weren't quick enough to get to the edge.

I do think when we get Tyson [Chandler] back, we are expecting him to practice some this week,
and hopefully he will be ready for Saturday. That will help us. I do think when we are able to move Joe Thuney back to guard that really changes what we can do in the run game. He is such an athletic puller. Right now, some of the traps that we like to use weren't as effective on Saturday, because our guards weren't able to get to the edges. We have some plays that would have been touchdowns had our guards been able to get there. They are trying, but sometimes you have to be a little faster. I think our depth will improve once we get Tyson back.

Even without Chandler, State's ground game was effective against Louisiana Tech. If the coaches can eventually get the front line set up they way they want it, this might end up being one of those rare years where we can count on consistent production from the ground game.

I wouldn't want to get anybody's hopes up about this, but I, for one, welcome our new pulling overlords. If this staff manages to patch together an above-average group up front, it's going to speak volumes. So, so much remains to be seen, though. Chandler has got to get healthy. Then we have to hit the gas pedal and see where that leads.