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Carolina Wins At Actual Football, So Let's Look to the Future!

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Despite the Pack's loss to hated rival UNC last weekend, recruiting has looked promising for Dave Doeren and Co. We will take a look at how the two teams are faring against each other on the recruiting trail

When things were still all sunshine and daisies *cries wistfully*
When things were still all sunshine and daisies *cries wistfully*
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This past weekend was a big weekend for recruiting for NC State. Over 70 big names for the 2014, 2015, and 2016 classes were in attendance, many of whom have both NC State and UNC in their top groups. Let's look at who we know the two schools are fighting for in these classes:


Lorenzo Featherston, DE: The consensus 4-star from Greensboro has been almost impossible to get information out of, but his recruitment is starting to come into focus. It sounds like Clemson is the team to beat with Florida, NCSU, and UNC also in his top group.

Trevion Thompson, WR: Another 4-star, the teammate of defensive back commit Kalen McCain has also been a tough read. This weekend marked the third State game Thompson has visited for, but they are not necessarily the favorite. Honestly, any of Clemson (the most likely leader), NC State, Ohio State, or UNC could be the favorite to land him.


QB: Jaylend Ratliffe
RB: Johnny Frasier, Reggie Gallaspy, Nyheim Hines, Bryce Love, Eric Swinney
WR: Corey Bell, Michael Bowman, Juval Mollette, Jarius Morehead, Freddie Phillips
OL: Drew Richmond, Mason Veal
DE: Jalen Dalton, Lasamuel Davis, Albert Huggins, Darian Roseboro, Anthony Rush
DT: Shy Tuttle
LB: Tanner Muse
CB: Tyrek Cole, Mark Fields, Mike Hughes
S: Ben Edwards, Dominique Roseboro

State's best chances are with Ratliffe, Frasier, Hines, Bell, Bowman, Morehead, Phillips, Darian Roseboro, and Rush. Most of them have visited multiple games this season and appear to have State in their top 2 or 3.


QB: Chazz Surratt
RB: Robert Washington, Antonio Williams (UNC commit)
DT: Dexter Lawrence
LB: Keion Joyner
CB: Levonta Taylor

It is way too early to get a read on most of these prospects, but all of them (except perhaps Williams), have reciprocated early interest. All but Taylor are in-state prospects and will likely be at least 4-star kids by their senior seasons.