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NC State Football Recruiting: Putting The Tidal Wave Of Commitments In Perspective


With Deshaywywnwywnnwwyn (it's an old family name; three of the W's, two Y's and all of the N's are silent) Middleton now in the fold, NC State has 22 commitments in its 2014 class. On the first day of July. This is obviously highly irregular for us, and I was curious about how we typically fared in years past. What I found was that only once since 2002 have we had double-digit commitments by July 1.

Of course, Chuck Amato seemed more about the signing day drama than that boring summer crap, and for that I can't blame him. It's more fun that way. Tom O'Brien wasn't good at picking up a lot of early pledges, either; in fact, if you add up the number of guys committed by July 1 over his last three classes, it still doesn't exceed what Dave Doeren's staff has done.

Class Commits by 7/1
2013 8
2012 7
2011 2
2010 11
2009 5
2008 9
2007 4
2006 0
2005 4
2004 3
2003 4
2002 1

(Numbers based on Scout's database.)