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NC State Adds JuCo OL Quinton Schooley To 2013 Class


Maybe I missed the red light warnings on Twitter Tuesday or maybe this doesn't qualify, but NC State made a late addition to its 2013 class in offensive lineman Quinton Schooley, who spent last year at Butler Community College in Kansas.

Schooley can play immediately and according to this article from The Chanute (KS) Tribune (via Pack Pride), he's been told by the staff that he is being brought in as a reserve initially. Schooley wasn't a starter during his lone season with Butler, though he had drawn attention from Illinois and Boise State, among others.

Wolfpack coaches want Schooley to play this year, which appears to be the primary reason why he chose NC State. He'll play either guard or center and has three seasons of eligibility.

He plans on majoring in physical therapy because, well:

"I tried out accounting at Butler, and I can't do that crap," Schooley said.

I can't either, Quinton. I can't either.

During his high school career, he played both linebacker and offensive tackle, though he has put on some weight since then. Highlights: