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Jeff Gibson Ends Brief Stay On NC State Commitment List

Streeter Lecka

Jeff Gibson, an in-state athlete/safety/human being, decommitted from NC State this weekend. Gibson originally turned on the red light in June, but now he's decided that decision was a hasty one, which is entirely understandable because it came like seven months ahead of signing day. The Fayetteville Observer caught up with his high school coach:

"Jeff went up there yesterday, and when he did he let them know he was no longer committed,'' Lovette said. "Coach White called me yesterday about 6 to tell me. I haven't spoken to Jeff, but I think he truly just wants to reconsider things and not rush himself this time.''

This is the latest chapter in Here Comes Clemson! How Dave Doeren Found Futility In All Things And Eventually Quit Football Forever, out in bookstores come spring 2017. (See also: Kyrin Priester.) Damn you, Dabo, why can't you stick to your own state for once, you big jerkhead.

It is, once again, The Problem hitting us smack dab on the nose. NC State is never going to be able to climb above its current level unless it can convince North Carolina's best prospects to stick around rather than leave the state for programs in the ACC and SEC. I know this takes time--the coaching staff has a whole lot of foundational work to do, and none of it will be easy. Still, when something like this happens, even in year one of a new coaching tenure, it's discouraging.

Put a damn frowny face on the red light.